Menicon America, Inc. has brought together three well-respected and highly effective products to create a new lens care system that minimizes mechanical cleaning while maximizing deposit removal.
A lens care system for today's GP lenses
An e-commerce solution for today's GP fitter
multi-purpose solution
for easy lens care
deep cleaning
for longer GP lens life
1. Visit 2. Register for a WebStore account.
  3. Sign up patients for the WebStore
     one of two ways.
        · Practice code
        · Add Patient feature
4. You earn from every online patient purchase.
Order your free Unique pH Starter Kits and Patient Brochures today!

Get patients on the WebStore with a 2oz Unique pH Sample and your WebStore Code.
These informative patient brochures include labels with your WebStore Code and directions for how patients can sign up. Available at no cost to you.
About Menicon

Founded by Mr. Kyoichi Tanaka in 1951, Menicon Co. Ltd. is Japan's first and largest contact lens manufacturer, and now is represented in over 30 countries. Best known as a world leader in the development of the hyper-Dk (Menicon Z) gas permeable material, Rose K for keratoconus, PROGENT and MeniCare brand solutions. In 2010, Menicon expanded its presence by adding Lagado's innovative material product range to our portfolio. We are now further expanding our presence with a new system designed for today's GP contact lenses.


An e-commerce model designed for you

The Menicon WebStore is hosted by you and managed by Menicon America.
The WebStore is a convenient alternative to retailing solutions in your office and traditional brick and mortar retailers. When your patients register and purchase Menicon solutions from the WebStore, you earn.
Monitor patient compliance

With online lens care instructions, informative videos, and auto-ship options, you can feel secure that Menicon is helping you provide your patients with a safe and healthy lens care experience. Through your online account access, you can track each patient's purchase history.